Cyberknife Brain Tumor

Brain Tumor Treatment and CyberknifeDavid Kraft, a 59-year-old mechanic for the Long Island Railroad who worked in the Port Jefferson yard, was suffering for a few years from  dizziness, tiredness, headaches, sinus pressure and bouts of hearing loss. He had been caring for his father, who had Alzheimer’s disease,  and thought that he was developing allergies while in his father’s home.

He went to his primary care doctor for medication to relieve his sinus pressure.  His doctor referred him to an allergist.  The allergist  determined that he had allergies but was suspicious of his continuing headaches and referred him to a neurologist.  An MRI showed a golf  ball size tumor on his right frontal lobe.

David chose to go to Mather Hospital, where his meningioma tumor was successfully removed by neurosurgeon, Dr. Sumeer Sathi.

Upon successful completion of David’s surgery, he was referred to Precision CyberKnife of New York for treatment to eradicate any remnants of the brain tumor.  He had the five treatments he needed over the period of one month.  If he opted for traditional radiation, the  treatments would have taken twice the amount of time.  “I was happy to get to spend extra time with my Dad before he died,” said David. Click here to watch David’s video.