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You will first meet with your treatment team which includes a radiation oncologist and support staff. The goal of this meeting is to determine if Precision CyberKnife treatment is right for you and to explain your treatment plan.

Fiducial Placement

Some patients, particularly those with lung, abdomen or prostate tumors, will need to have fiducial implants. Fiducials are miniature markers that help the Precision CyberKnife computer target your tumor(s). A specialist will place the fiducial(s) if they are needed for your treatment. While this is a minor procedure, you will need to wait 5-7 days to allow your fiducial markers to settle before proceeding to the CT simulation.

CT Simulation Scan and Precision CyberKnife Device Set-Up

At this appointment you will have a CT simulation that will be used in planning for your Precision CyberKnife treatment. The doctor may request you also go for a PET Scan, CT Scan or MRI.

At the CT simulation appointment, we will also prepare a CyberKnife treatment device, an immobilization device to be used to ensure your body positioning and comfort during scanning and treatment. Immobilization devices vary depending on the area that is being treated. A radiation therapist will explain this process.


At this stage, the radiation oncologist, physicist and any assisting physician specialist review your scans in great detail to plan your Precision CyberKnife treatment. Once the physicians have finished their work, our specially trained physicist receives the scans to finish the treatment planning.


Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment(s). In some cases you may need to have someone drive you to/from treatment. Please discuss this with your radiation oncologist.

We will provide music of your choice during treatment. You may also bring your own CDs to listen to music during treatment. Make sure you eat your usual diet and take your medications prior to treatment.

Each treatment will take 30-90 minutes.

Following Treatment

Patients generally resume normal activity shortly after treatment.

Additional imaging is usually performed after your Precision CyberKnife treatments are completed to monitor the tumors’ response to treatment.

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