Become a Volunteer at Mather Hospital Specialists in caring…

Volunteers have been a part of the Mather Hospital family since 1958. In that time, volunteers have contributed many thousands of hours of service for the benefit of our patients, staff and visitors.

Become a member of our hospital family…

At Mather Hospital, volunteers help provide the special touch that can make a patient’s stay more comfortable. Volunteer assignments include assisting in patient care areas, staffing the reception areas, escorting patients and visitors to their destinations, and working in the Gift and Thrift Shops.

Volunteering offers the benefits of developing new interests, making new friends and, most importantly, gaining personal satisfaction by making a difference in a patient’s hospital stay. At Mather, all volunteers receive a meal allowance per shift in the hospital dining room.

Who can volunteer?

The minimum age to become a volunteer at Mather is 14. There is no maximum age limit as long as the individual is effectively able to work on selected assignments.

Special volunteer programs may be developed to meet the interests of schools, businesses and other community organizations.

Volunteer requirements…

Individuals who like meeting new people and who have a sincere desire to help others make great volunteers! At Mather Hospital, volunteers are expected to give at least one (four hour shift) each week. A minimum commitment of 100 hours per year is requested with the exception of summer placements for junior volunteers (ages 14-18).

It is important for patients and hospital staff to be able to easily identify volunteers. Therefore, volunteers are required to wear uniforms and hospital identification badges at all times.

To become a volunteer…

Volunteers are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before they begin. Documentation of COVID-19 vaccination must be provided.

All volunteers are required to have a physical by their primary care physician. Prospective volunteers will be contacted by the Director of Volunteers to determine his or her assignment. Volunteer positions are designed, as much as possible, to match the interests of the volunteer. Students who are seeking job experience or considering a medical career generally find benefits in volunteering. Others who may be returning to the work force or changing careers find volunteer work to be an invaluable learning tool.