Cyberknife Prostate Cancer

Success with Cyberknife Prostate Cancer TreatmentRichard Cooney, a 77-year-old retired Athletic Director from East Hampton High School, leads a very active life. “When I’m not busy renovating homes with my wife, Kathy, I’m out hiking, gardening, golfing and evening paddling in an outrigger canoe with a crew of six in Hawaii.”

So when his doctor told him he had prostate cancer, he did his research on options for treatment. His urologist recommended Precision CyberKnife of New York as a possible treatment.  Richard met with radiation oncologist Joseph Cirrone, MD, at Precision CyberKnife to discuss his treatment and answer all of his questions, then talked it over with his wife. After doing their research online, they decided that he would undergo the treatment.

“I had to have it done before October, because we were going back to Hawaii for the winter.  I went there first week of September and they made it work. I did five treatments. One day I played golf after a treatment. Two days after the last treatment, I flew to Hawaii.

“In five short visits, my cancer was gone. No side effects. None,” he said.

Richard said he didn’t feel any discomfort during the treatments and was shocked at how easy it was, and how well his doctors worked together. “Everybody cooperated beautifully.  It was a good experience.  I think that should be noted.  I had no side effects at all.  It didn’t affect any phase of my life – my daily life, my physical life, anything.  It was great. “I have no regrets.  No qualms about what we did.  And here I am, moving on in life.  My feeling is if you’ve got cancer in your body – get rid of it. I would recommend Precision CyberKnife to anybody who qualifies.”