To help make your stay more pleasant, televisions and telephones are available for rent in patient rooms.

The telephone rental includes unlimited usage within the continental U.S. Television rental includes an expanded variety of Cablevision channels and local channels. A list of channels is included in your patient admission packet. To activate your bedside television or telephone service, dial Ext. 4492 and follow the instructions. Please do not hang up until you confirm your order.

Charges for television and phone service:  $6 per day for each – can be paid by a major credit card or check. You may call the rental system to stop service or service will automatically be cancelled upon discharge.

Telephone Dialing Instructions

Local Calls: 9 + number Long Distance: 9 + 1 + area code and number
Toll Free Calls: 9 + 1 + area code and number

Important Numbers

Rental Activation: Ext. 4492
Television Repair: Ext. 4389
Telephone Repair: 0 (dial operator)