Michael Tofano, MDThank you for your interest in the Zucker School of Medicine/Northwell Health at Mather Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program.  At Mather, we set the expectation that each graduate will be a healthcare leader. Your voyage begins on day one of your residency when you will become part of the Mather family, a family of caring. Mather is a place where staff will hold the door for passersby, and, when seeing people who can’t find their way, take the time to walk them to their destination. You will benefit from our culture of caring and compassion and you will learn how this is central to the delivery of healthcare.

The residency at Mather Hospital was founded to train residents in what it means to achieve high quality healthcare and to provide them with the tools necessary for them to implement excellence systematically throughout their career. Traditionally, education of physicians has leaned heavily on the domains of medical knowledge and patient management.  It has been recognized that excellence in healthcare, particularly regarding patient safety, requires mastery of other essential elements. Good patient outcomes are related to systems that promote uniformity, communication, collaboration and teamwork. Our residency program is integrated into the various administrative processes of the hospital to support the development of the skills required to assume a leadership role in the healthcare system of the 21st century. Mather is an ideal setting to attain these skills.

The transformation from medical student to internist is a developmental process. At the heart of this is the understanding that the provision of healthcare to a fellow human being is a privilege. Each individual is unique and carries a value system with which they frame their world. When we treat people, we are allowed to step into their world and see things as they see them. In this way we can truly collaborate with patients to help them incorporate lasting changes into their lives and achieve results that they can recognize as meaningful.

The Mather Hospital program will prepare residents to keep pace with the changes that are rapidly occurring in healthcare. Healthcare, science and technology are changing at such an accelerated rate that physicians must be prepared to commit themselves to regularly updating their knowledge and basing their decisions on scientific evidence. Because new information is available on a daily basis, physicians must be prepared to acknowledge the limits of their knowledge. The term “lifelong learning” captures the essence of these facts. Each physician must be prepared to search for new information that will help to inform him or her on unanswered healthcare questions. To this end, scholarly activity and research projects will be guided by our Director of Resident Scholarly Activity. The availability of such an educator is a valuable and distinctive feature of our residency. Additionally, to ensure that the best resources are available, we have developed the residency under the sponsorship of the prestigious Zucker School of Medicine/Northwell Health.

We want our residents to achieve a work/life balance and to avoid fatigue. The program has carefully designed the continuity clinic experience and the night float system. When the resident is assigned outpatient responsibilities there are no inpatient duties, and vice versa. And while there is a limited number of night float experiences, there is no in-house on-call responsibility. This supportive environment provides the means to obtain sufficient rest and engage in recreational activities. By attending to their needs, we are confident that our residents will be able to focus their full creative energies in the pursuit of safe, high quality patient care and learning.

Each year we enroll a small number of select residents chosen based on their integrity, imagination, intelligence and caring. Our steadfast dedication to excellence will create a privileged environment for learning and for personal and professional growth.

Michael Tofano, MD