Dear Applicants,

We are excited to inform you that Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell Mather Hospital
Diagnostic Radiology Residency has secured three extremely competitive Transitional Year positions at
Mather Hospital for all our three Diagnostic Radiology Residency positions! This means that our
applicants have the option to complete a Transitional Year in addition to the Radiology Residency at
Mather Hospital in a newly created Linked Track.

The Transitional Year at Mather Hospital is guaranteed for those who match into the Mather Hospital
Diagnostic Radiology position as long as you properly link it with the Transitional Year-TY/Rad-Mather
track in NRMP. It has nothing to do with ERAS at all.

Please note that this Linked Transitional Year is a SPECIAL position that is only available for Diagnostic
Radiology Residents and has a specific NRMP number: 2187999P1. Make sure to apply to this NRMP
number and NOT the regular (non-linked) Transitional Year NRMP or the NRMP associated with the
Interventional (IR) Radiology track (Transitional Year-TY/IR-Mather) as these NRMP numbers are NOT
linked with the Diagnostic Radiology track and will NOT guarantee you a position. You do NOT need to
apply on ERAS or interview with the Transitional Year Program as your interview with the Radiology
department fulfills that requirement.

Alternatively, you do retain the option to choose another preliminary year if you so choose since the
Northwell Mather Hospital Diagnostic Radiology Residency NRMP code has not changed and will remain the same.

Please see below for the program details in the NRMP system to assist you with your rank list and make sure to associate the correct Transitional year NRMP number: 2187999P1. The Transitional Year at Mather is sponsored by Northwell Health. If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to
contact the Training Program Administrator, Kimberly Wilson at
Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell Mather Hospital Diagnostic Radiology Details:

Institution: Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra

Program Name: Radiology-Diagnostic/Mather

NRMP Program Code: 2187420A0

Zucker School of Medicine/Northwell Health Mather Hospital Transitional Year Linked with the Radiology Residency Program Details:

Institution: Zucker-SOM-Northwell Mather Hosp-NY

Program Name: Transitional Year-TY/Rad-Mather

NRMP Program Code: 2187999P1



Joshua Kern, MD
Program Director Radiology