Artie, Port Jefferson Station

Artie Meyers, a 74-year-old plumber from Port Jefferson Station, hurt his back while unloading a boiler from the back of his Jeep in 2018.  He suffered with severe back pain after the incident.  When he got a postcard in the mail about a Back & Neck Pain Center seminar at Mather Hospital, he signed up. …


Teri, Center Moriches

In late December 2018, Teri Connors of Center Moriches was experiencing tightness in her lower back. The next day, she was immobilized in pain. She sought relief from various local providers including a nearby walk-in clinic, an orthopedic surgeon, and a local emergency room. None of them could diagnose her problem and give her the…


Jeanine, Rocky Point

Jeanine Morelli, an active 41-year-old mother of two, had sudden, severe back pain. When she started to experience excruciating pain down her left leg, she knew something wasn’t right. After multiple trips to her doctor and then a visit to Mather Hospital’s Emergency Room, she was referred to the Hospital’s Back & Neck Pain Center.…

Life After a Brain Tumor

Wendy, Miller Place

Life After a Brain Tumor   One moment Wendy Young was at a spin class at her Miller Place gym, working up a sweat to the driving beat of the music. The next thing she remembered she was in an ambulance on her way to Mather Hospital. “I passed out,” said the 50-year-old mother of…

Mather Back & Neck Pain Center

Deborah, Miller Place

Deborah Martinez is a home care nurse, who always had problems with her neck.  A previous MRI showed that she had a slightly herniated disc. However, last year she developed severe pain and numbness down her right arm and knew she needed to address the issue. She was losing function in her right arm and…

Brain Tumor Patient Treated at Mather Hospital

Josephine, Mastic

Josephine Perraglia of Mastic also suffered a brain seizure, but it happened to her at work. “I’m a school bus driver. Someone was looking out after me because I had just dropped off all the students at school,” said Perraglia, 59. “I was back at the bus yard when it happened. I didn’t even know…