Medical Weight Management

The Comprehensive Medical Weight Management Program with Dr. Arif Ahmad and Mather Hospital utilizes simple, sound principles to help individuals achieve optimal health and maintain their best personal body weight.

Emphasis is placed on the nutritional quality of food and personal support by an experienced medical team.

How does the Comprehensive Medical Weight Management Program work?

Mather Hospital Medical Weight Management

Our 12-week program provides each participant with a full nutrition evaluation, weekly nutrition classes and support, follow up sessions with our clinical team, and metabolic testing, along with a customized meal plan that is developed to meet each participant’s individualized lifestyle and health goals. The focus is on healthy eating using the principles of the Mediterranean dietary guidelines to help participants on their journey reach optimal health. All classes are conducted by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) who have advanced degrees in nutrition and are certified in health coaching and behavior change.

Who supervises the program?

The program is supervised by a physician. FDA approved prescription weight loss medications may be used under medical supervision to help boost metabolism and assist in promoting weight loss, decrease hunger sensations, and increase satiety. Most weight loss medications are covered by commercial insurance plans.

How often do the classes meet?

Nutrition and health education classes are held at convenient times weekly for 10 consecutive weeks. To help maintain new lifestyle behaviors, a 16-week maintenance program is available upon completion.

What other aspects of a healthy lifestyle does the program teach?

Exercise is encouraged to help participants maintain weight loss and healthy behaviors.

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