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By using the innovative power of advanced medical imaging (ultrasound, X-rays, CAT scans, MRI scans and other modalities), interventional radiologists can see inside the human body to diagnosis and/or treat various complex conditions – including cancer – less invasively and with unprecedented precision. Learn more about Interventional Radiology.  

IR procedures are performed by Interventional Radiologists, board-certified physicians whose expertise lies within an in-depth knowledge of image-guided treatments along with clinical and diagnostic experience across a wide variety of medical specialties. There are a variety of minimally invasive procedures with less risk and discomfort, often with less recovery time when compared to conventional surgery.

Mather’s Interventional Radiology team members consists of dedicated full time IR clinicians, technologists, nurses and office staff associates, committed to using state-of-the-art equipment to provide care with skill, compassion and excellence.

Michael Dayan, MD

Kathleen Egner, Physicians Assistant

Joseph Ferreri, Radiology Special Assistant

Learn how various conditions can be treated by Interventional Radiology. Among these conditions: