Interventional Radiology is an advanced field in which specialists use imaging and minimally invasive tools to perform procedures as an alternative to open surgery. With our cutting-edge technology, we can view specific areas of the body to diagnose and treat many types of cancer. On most occasions our patients go home on the same day of their procedure. The most common types of cancer we treat with our interventional radiology techniques are lung, liver, kidney, and bone cancer. The procedures include biopsies, tumor ablations, Y-90 radioembolization of liver tumors/metastases, and stenting. Y-90 refers to the radioactive isotope yttrium 90, which is used to deliver radiation in tiny particles directly to either a primary liver tumor or metastasis. These y-90 particles are delivered through a small catheter via access points in the groin or the wrist that are only millimeters in diameter.

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