What is an electrophysiology lab?

An electrophysiology lab is where studies are done that will assess the electrical conductors inside the heart.

Some patients may have trouble with arrhythmia or the rhythm of their heart.  Others may have a rapid heartbeat or atrial fibrillation.  To diagnose and treat these issues, little tubes and electrodes (cathodes) are inserted into the right part of the heart. The series of cathodes inside the heart can measure the electricity that’s moving within the heart.  Patients who have atrial fibrillation can go to the cath lab and have an ablation to treat the condition and in some cases can even stop their treatment with oral anti-coagulation.  Some patients require the placement of a pacemaker inside the heart to control their heartbeat.  If a patient has heart failure or issues with arrhythmias in the heart, they may have a defibrillator inserted into the heart which will provide a shock to the patient when there’s a serious arrhythmia that is putting the patient’s life in danger.

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