From your Bariatric Nutrition Team

Self-esteem is about feeling good about yourself. We feel best when we are less stressed, confident, positive and feeling good. Using affirmations in your daily routine will help increase your self-esteem. Having high self-esteem means you are feeling happy and successful with yourself and where you’re at in life at that moment.

Did you ever notice how successful people in any walk of life have a very high self-esteem? It’s because they think very highly about themselves. First and foremost you need to love yourself in order for others to love you. If you love yourself, your self-esteem will naturally boost.

Affirmations help to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. They harness the mind’s power by directing your intentions toward your best self and your happiest life. Affirmations are known to lower stress levels in the body. The idea is to repeat the affirmations over and over while setting an intention for this affirmation. The goal is that if you repeat it often enough, you will believe the affirmation and your behavior will change for the better.

  • I am at peace with myself.
  • I am a valuable human being.
  • I appreciate who I am.
  • I value myself as a person.
  • My future is bright.
  • I deserve to relax.
  • I deserve to be happy.
  • I embrace my happiness.
  • I enjoy the present moment.
  • I look fondly upon memories of my past.
  • My future is positive.

It’s completely up to you if you wish to repeat one single affirmation or multiple affirmations, one after another. When you’ve found an affirmation or two that speak to you, then repeat this affirmation three times nice and slow, feeling empowered as you repeat. When you feel comfortable, close your eyes, letting this affirmation settle. You can also look in the mirror and repeat them confidently as well. Wherever you’re at, take a deep breath allowing each affirmation to calm each part of your body, from head to toe.