By Daphne Baldwin Kornrich, MS, RD, CDN

Summer Time and the Living is Easy … Research shows that we do more physical activities in the warmer weather.   The beautiful weather entices us to spend more time outdoors.  We find ourselves wanting to go outside to take a walk, wash our cars, tend to our gardens, or maybe start golfing again. The longer days and warmer weather allows us to enjoy our surroundings.

We are moving more without even having to think about how to get more activity into our busy schedules. Being active is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, burn calories, and become more fit.  The more we move the better for our metabolism, which will help us with weight loss and overall health.

Walking is a great way to stay fit and burn calories.  Try to walk every chance you get, whether taking the dog for a walk or allotting 10 minutes during your lunch break to walk outside.  Vacations are a great time to explore somewhere new, and walking while sightseeing helps us stay fit.  To burn even more calories try some hiking tours while vacationing.

Swimming is a fun way to cool off and melt away pounds.  Swimming is a low-impact activity and whether you’re doing laps or the doggie paddle you are still getting toned and burning calories.

Biking is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors.  Biking burns more calories than walking and going uphill will really help tone those legs.

Gardening requires reaching, squatting, digging and don’t forget pulling out weeds. In addition, not only does our waist line benefit but research has shown that gardening may help our brains stay fit as well.

Washing the Car is also a great way to burn calories and if you clean the interior along with the exterior you burn even more calories and also save some cash.

Sports such as volleyball, tennis, or golfing give us an aerobic workout and help tone our body.  These activities are also a great way to socialize while staying fit.

Celebrations and gatherings are what make the warm weather even more fun.  Play with the kids, throw a Frisbee or have a bean bag toss.  Don’t forget the bocce and horseshoe games.  If you’re really nostalgic pick up the chalk and try hopscotch, or jump rope and see if you can still win at a hula hoop challenge.  Some things never get old!

Move as if your life depends on it, because it does!

Daphne has been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for the past 30 years, working in a wide variety of clinical and outpatient settings.  Daphne currently specializes in bariatrics and weight management.