Jennifer from Coram, a devoted mother and active member in her community, was diagnosed with stage 1 uterine cancer in the fall of 2020 and got a complete hysterectomy. After a successful surgery, she experienced a stomach bleed during her recovery, and she had to go in for another surgery. A month passed and Jennifer noticed a wound developed and wasn’t fully healing. Her doctors told her that the wound may not heal all the way because she had a mesh that was not allowing the new tissue to properly adhere to it. The mesh was from a prior surgery done over 20 years ago.

Jennifer and her doctor did everything they could to get her wound to heal. She even consulted a plastic surgeon who recommended Jennifer try hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Mather Hospital. “You will be in good care at Mather,” her team of doctors reassured her.

Before beginning her treatment, Jennifer prepared herself by doing research online about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and what to expect. Jennifer had four wounds the size of a belly button that needed to be treated, so she met with Dr. Joseph White, FUHMS, FAAFP, who began treatment in June of 2022.

Jennifer’s treatment was five days a week for two hours each day. “The whole staff was wonderful,” she recalls. “You don’t exactly know what to expect, but everything was super comfortable, quick, and the staff was hands-on. The nurses stay right by your side throughout the treatment, and you can watch television or listen to music,” Jennifer explained.

“I developed a very good relationship with the staff. When you’re going there every single day, the staff really gets to know you and vice versa.” Jennifer felt at ease seeing the quality-of-care other hyperbaric patients were receiving in the unit.

When Jennifer was done with her treatment at Mather, the hyperbaric staff continued to check-in with Jennifer and her husband to see how she’s doing and to wish her well as she prepared for an additional surgery to replace her mesh.

With a combination of a successful surgery and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Jennifer’s wounds completely healed. “Going to Mather and having hyperbaric therapy was a very good experience, the care was marvelous. Choosing hyperbaric therapy was the best decision I made,” Jennifer said

Today Jennifer is feeling great and back to doing the things she loves. “I can finally swim now, take baths and I started driving again,” she exclaimed.