Jane of Huntington Station has weathered many storms, both literally and figuratively. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and underwent a mastectomy. Five years after she lost her breast to cancer, Jane traveled to New Orleans for reconstructive surgery. The surgery went well. The only hitch was that, just a day after she was discharged, Jane had to be evacuated from her New Orleans hotel because a hurricane was moving up the coast and they were taking every precaution.

Back home, Jane was receiving treatment for lymphedema, a chronic condition many breast cancer patients develop, and her therapist noticed that the wound from the reconstructive surgery hadn’t closed and was in fact opening again. Ready to weather another storm, Jane went to Mather’s Wound Treatment Center in Melville.

The staff at the Wound Treatment Center developed a treatment plan that called for Jane to make weekly visits for treatment. For a little over three months, Jane went to the Melville office for her weekly treatment, cheered by the support of the staff.

“They were wonderful, so helpful. The nurses were kind, answering all of my questions, and they were so knowledgeable, she recalls. “Dr. (Hillard) Warm made me so comfortable and assured me from the very beginning that everything was going to be okay. I believed him.”

Together, the team healed the wound. Another storm passed.