Retired police officer Frank of Miller Place was searching hunting spots in Pennsylvania last fall when he tripped over a log and severely injured his leg. Never one to tread lightly, Frank got up with every intention of continuing with his trip. What he didn’t realize was that the neuropathy he developed after major back surgery left his leg too numb to register the severity of the injury. Luckily, his hunting buddy urged him to get medical attention for the injury, which he did at a local Pennsylvania hospital.

When he returned home, his leg wasn’t much better. He consulted orthopedist Richard Legouri, MD, who referred Frank to the Wound Treatment Center.

“The cut was so deep you could actually see the bone and it was already turning green, Frank recalls. “When I got to the Wound Treatment Center, Dr. Harold Joseph spent two hours cleaning and treating my wound.”

Dr. Joseph took care of the immediate danger, but for his wound to properly heal, Frank was treated weekly at the Mather’s Wound Treatment Center.

For Frank, an active member of the Blue Knights motorcycle club, not being able to drive was a real sacrifice, but he understood the need.

“The alternative was losing my leg.”

What helped was how quickly he could see the progress. “In one week’s time, I was amazed how much tissue was generated,” he said.

He found that the weekly visits to the Wound Treatment Center weren’t a hardship either. “As soon as I got there, it was absolutely great. I never had to wait, they were always ready for me.”

Frank says that had he not gone to the Wound Treatment Center, he might not be back on his feet, or his bike, or in the hunt.