Residents have the opportunity to participate in three months of selective rotations during their training.

These selectives are rotations in medical subspecialties deemed to provide residents with a solid foundation in clinical skills needed to be successful in their career. These rotations are designed to provide the trainee with experiences that they would otherwise not be able to have after they enter into their chosen specialty.  Making these specialty and subspecialty rotations selective guarantees that residents will have the varied experience that they need.

Selective options include the following areas:

  • Senior CL / Emergency Psychiatry
  • Chemical Dependency/Behavioral Psychiatry
  • Adult and Adolescent Outpatient Clinic
  • Adult and Adolescent Partial Hospital
  • Eating Disorders – Partial Hospital/Clinic
  • Integrative Psychiatry/Telepsychiatry
  • Inpatient Child/Adolescent and Adult