Publications by Mather Hospital Nurses

Authentic Nurse Leadership Conceptual Framework: Nurses’ Perception of Authentic Nurse Leader Attributes

Marie Giordano-Mulligan, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, CNOR; Sarah Eckardt, MS, BA

Published in Nursing Administration Quarterly April/June 2019

– Effects of Animal-Assisted Activity on Mood States and Feelings in a Psychiatric Setting

Sandra Brown, MSN, RN-BC; Jill Snelders, BS, MA, CTRS; Joan Godbold, BSN, RN; Judith Moran-Peters, DNSc, RN, NE-BC; Denise Driscoll, RN-BC, CARN, PMHCNS-BC, NPP; Donna Donoghue, MD; Lilly Mathew, PhD, RN; Sarah Eckardt, MS, BA

Published in the Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association November/December 2020

– Making Fall Risk Assessment Clinically Relevant in an Adult Psychiatric Setting

Lilly Mathew, PhD, RN; Darlene Steigman, RN-BC, PMHNP-BC; Denise Driscoll, RN-BC, CARN, PMHCNS-BC, NPP; Judith Ann Moran-Peters, DNSc, RN, NE-BC; Ira M. Fischer, MBA, MA; Patricia Cordle, RN-BC, MA; Vanessa Marie Bishop Hyde, BS; Sarah Eckardt, MS, BA

Published in the Journal of Psychosocial Nursing February 2020

– The Experience of Pregnant Adolescents Being Cared for in a Group Home

Mary Ellen LaSala, PhD, RN

Published in the International Journal for Human Caring November 2020

– Leveraging Academic-Clinical Partnerships to Create an Operating Room Nurse Pipeline

Christopher Brooks, MS, RN, CENP, AOCNS; Carol Della Ratta, PhD, RN; Mary Ellen LaSala, PhD, RN; Beverly Gerberich, MSN, RN, CNOR; Devin Browne, DNP

Published in the Journal of Nursing Administration March 2021

– Perceptions of Authentic Nurse Leadership and Work Environment and the Pandemic Impact for Nurse Leaders and Clinical Nurses

Raso, Rosanne DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN, FAONL; Fitzpatrick, Joyce J. PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN, FNAP; Masick, Kevin PhD; Giordano-Mulligan, Marie PhD, RN, NEA-BC, CNOR; Sweeney, Cynthia D. DNP, RN, CNOR, NEA-BC, FAAN

Published in the Journal of Nursing Administration May 2021

– Expanding Access to Nurse-managed Medication for Opioid Use Disorder

Travis A. Cos, PhD; Laura E. Starbird, PhD, RN; Heeyoung Lee, PhD, PMHNP-BC, CRNP; Bianca Chun, BA; Kristine Gonnella, MPH; Jillian Bird, RN, MSN; Kae Livsey, RN, MPH, PhD; Shelley Bastos; Marie O’Brien, MSN, ANP-C, RN-BC, CCRN; Ivy Clark; Darlene Jenkins, DrPH; Laureen Tavolaro-Ryley, PMHCNS-BC, PMHNP-BC

Published in Nursing Outlook May 2021

– Evaluating mental illness-substance abuse stigmatic perceptions through education: A library-nursing initiative

Denise Driscoll, Lilly Mathew, Debra Engelhardt, Judith Moran-Peters, Sarah  Eckardt

Published in Public Health Nursing June 2021

– Optimizing Postoperative Pain Management in Patients with Chronic Pain: Evidence-based Recommendations


Published in the American Nurse Journal December 2021

– Pain Coping Skills Training Unlock Patient-Centered Pain Care During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Marie O’Brien, DNP

Published in Pain Management Nursing December 2021