Recent Institutional Review Board (IRB) nursing research studies include:

  • The Development and Validation of an Authentic Nurse Leader Questionnaire – Nurse Leaders (ANLQ-NL)
  • Decreasing Incidence of Falls with Injuries Using Two Distinct Strategies Among Adult Psychiatric Patients: A Multiphase Study
  • Successful New Graduate Nurse Transition to Practice
  • US Clinician Wellbeing Study
  • Acupuncture for Pain: A Pragmatic Pilot Study for the Inpatient Pain Service
  • Reiki Therapy: A Pilot Study for Post-Operative Pain Among Inpatient Joint Replacement Surgery Patients
  • Improving Glycemic Control in the Cellulitis Patient with Diabetes
  • Coping and Adaptation Among Nurses During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic:  A Mixed Methods Study
  • Impact of Educational Program “Expressions of Humanism” on Caring Behaviors, Patient Experience and Quality Outcomes