Dr. David BenEliyahu, DC, FICC
Administrative Director, Back & Neck Pain Center


Many people experience increased back in the summer because of increased humidity and atmospheric pressure which can promote inflammation. This can then trigger joint, bone, and muscle sensory endings to cause blood vessel changes and pain impulses. In addition, in the summer, we tend to be more active and participate in activities like tennis, pickleball, golf, running, and cycling.

To minimize increased back pain in the summer, do the following:

  • Stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead to reduced disc hydration and spinal flexibility.
  • Avoid prolonged sitting during summer vacation travel. Sitting increases pressure and pain in the spine joints and discs. Take frequent breaks to stretch and move.
  • Engage in more spine friendly exercises like swimming, yoga, and walking.
  • Don’t sleep or sit near air conditioning vents, as cold blowing air can cause muscle stiffness.
  • If you do experience back pain, use ice in the early stages to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.