It is inevitable, we are all aging and getting older. The average American is living longer than ever before, with many of us trying to remain healthy and active well into 70’s, 80’s, and even the 90’s.

One of our body parts that is very prone to ‘wear and tear’ and with the shortest ‘warranty’ is the spine. The spine is made up of a conglomerate of bone, nerves, discs, muscles, and ligaments to help keep us upright and moving.

Things we should all do to keep our spines from aging prematurely include the following:

  1. Exercise- Try to exercise 30 minutes a day with a weight bearing exercise like walking. In addition add core stability exercises to strengthen your back and core
  2. Maintain a healthy body weight and an appropriate BMI
  3. Don’t smoke, and if you do stop. Smoking robs you of proper blood supply, can make your bones brittle, and can promote arthritis.
  4. Avoid health problems like diabetes, by cutting out sugary food and drinks in your diet. Focus on adopting a Mediterranean style diet.
  5. Maintain good posture while you sit, stand, and sleep
  6. Be mindful at work; get up and stretch regularly, use an ergonomic chair, lumbar support pillow, or use a stand-up desk.