Five things to know about integrative care

Integrative care combines conventional health and medical practices with alternative methods such as acupuncture, meditation, emotional freedom technique, guided imagery, journaling, reiki, yoga, and stress management. The technique you use depends on your needs and does not replace any traditional medical care you require.

Here are five things to know about integrative care:

  • Integrative care is focused on each person as a whole— body, mind, and spirit. This approach empowers people to identify how they see themselves achieving their goals. “There is no ‘one-way’ or ‘this way’ sign that guides all people to the goal of good health,” said Marie O’Brien, NP, Director of Patient Care Services, Integrative Care and Pain Management at Mather Hospital. “Instead, there are multiple paths that may twist and turn, crisscross, U-turn and fork. Nonetheless, all may lead to the individual’s ideal state of health.”
  • Integrative care is a journey that can be traveled alone or with others including friends and family as well as with guidance from an integrative care practitioner. Like a tour guide for your health, an experienced integrative clinician, can make the journey less daunting.
  • Integrative care focuses on your individual needs. The vast amount of information available on the Internet and from other sources may be overwhelming for a person trying to navigate good health. “Through the lens of whole person health, integrative care addresses the unique needs of each patient with a goal of enhanced well-being,” O’Brien explained.
  • Integrative care is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent disease. Rather patients report these modalities are helpful in reducing stress and providing an increased feeling of control over symptoms such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, and nausea.
  • Integrative care leads to a more positive patient experience and faster recovery to your ideal state of health.

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