The holiday season brings joy, warmth, and an abundance of delicious, often decadent, foods. However, this doesn’t mean bidding farewell to your health goals. Here is a guide to help you maintain healthy habits during the holiday season while also being free to indulge.


  • It’s all about balance: Fill your plate with a variety of foods, including colorful vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats. Don’t deprive yourself. Keep everything in moderation. Substituting ingredients or opting for low-fat products can help you keep your diet in balance.


  • Keep moving: Exercise can also help reduce stress that many feel around the holidays. To keep active during the holiday season, break your physical activity up into smaller chunks to hit your step Try walking in 10-minute intervals throughout your day to keep moving.


  • Remember to hydrate: During the rush of the holiday season, many people forget to stop and drink water. One new habit to get into is to carry a water bottle with you to remind you to hydrate throughout the day. Staying hydrated can help curb excessive snacking and keep you feeling refreshed.


  • Do not skip meals: Opting to skip meals as a strategy for holiday feasting can often lead to destructive side effects. Instead, focus on maintaining a routine of eating balanced meals throughout the day. This stabilizes blood sugar levels and can help reduce the likelihood of overindulging.


During festive cheer, maintaining a balance between enjoying the season’s indulgences and caring for yourself is crucial. Registered Dietitian Nicole Drepaniotis, RD, Mather Hospital’s Medical Weight Loss Program, states that “practicing mindful eating, especially during the holiday season, is very important to help maintain healthy eating behaviors while still enjoying some holiday treats. Practice portion control, stay well hydrated, keep meals balanced with proteins and vegetables, and limit simple sugar intake this holiday season.”


Utilizing this healthy habit guide during the holiday season can help you create nourishing habits.