improving your run

RunningWhether you’re an avid runner, or just starting out, here are some quick tips and tricks to help you have a successful run:

1. Have car keys but no pockets? Don’t want our keys jingling around while you run? Tie them into your shoe laces! See how here.

2. Have the same problem with your phone? Got an old tube sock? Grab a pair of scissors and in a couple of minutes you’ll have a workout band to hold you phone. Check out this video tutorial on how to make one of your own:

3. No one likes chafing. To prevent this, rub some Vaseline on your inner thighs, under your arms, under your sports bra, and anywhere there could be excess rubbing to prevent discomfort.

4. Don’t let rainy weather keep you from getting your run in. To help keep your feet dry, try covering the tops of your sneakers where there are holes and spaces for ventilation with duct tape to prevent water from getting inside.

5. Do you sometimes get a pain in your side while running? This may occur from running on a full stomach or as a result of dehydration. Avoid eating within one hour of running and only eat lightly within three hours of running to prevent cramping.

6. If you need to take a break, switch from running to a brisk walk.

7. Make an awesome running playlist with songs that get you pumped! If possible, try to find songs that have more than 120 beats per minute (BPM). Music with a higher BPM rate will elevate your mood as you workout. Click here to find out if your songs have 120 BPM and cultivate your ultimate running playlist.

8. Make sure your have the correct sneakers to prevent injury or discomfort. Read more on the Top-5 Shoe Buying Tips for Runners.

9. Different sneaker lacing patterns have different benefits that may be helpful for your run. See more here.

10. Stay hydrated and remember to always have fun!