Mather Hospital set sail on our Voyage to Excellence in June 2008.  Our quest is to become the best community hospital in New York State.  As part of our quest, we are striving to create a culture based upon excellent service in an environment where employees are empowered to perform at their highest level of ability.  Every employee and volunteer at Mather Hospital is expected to demonstrate his/her commitment to our mission and vision.

To support our collective and individual efforts, we at Mather have created employee teams to foster a hospital culture that continuously improves the delivery of high quality healthcare and satisfaction to patients, visitors, physicians, and employees.

Our key values, or Pillars of Excellence, are the framework of our Voyage to Excellence employee teams.  These values, People, Service, Quality & Safety and Innovation & Growth, are at the core of all we do and are symbolically displayed on our hospital’s historic grand pillars in our central courtyard.

To help us succeed in our quest, employees represented by the Standards of Performance team have developed a handbook entitled, Charting the Course. These Standards provide the guidelines for every Mather hospital employee and volunteer for performing his/her job responsibilities.

Consistently meeting our Standards of Performance is an integral part of achieving our vision.  In the event that you become a Mather employee, you will be required to fully understand these Standards.  Your performance evaluations will be measured in accordance with these Standards. A brief description of each Standard is listed on the back of this page for your review.

Again, we appreciate your interest in Mather Hospital and wish you the best of luck with your employment endeavors.


Accountability is an ongoing process and a method of achieving personal and organizational effectiveness.  Accountability leads to improved teamwork, clarity of function and better results.


Mather Hospital Employees will exhibit pride and a sense of ownership in our appearance, both personal and environmental.


As a member of the Mather Hospital family, we are committed to providing care to the best of our ability and treating each patient in the manner in which we would wish for ourselves and our loved ones.

Call Lights

All Mather Hospital Employees are responsible for answering patient call lights or patient’s request for assistance.

Commitment to Our Organization

Employees will represent Mather Hospital positively both at work and in the community by taking responsibility for themselves and showing a willingness to go above and beyond for the benefit of the entire organization.

Commitment to Our Patients

The driving force behind everything we do is our commitment to patients, patients’ families and the communities we serve.

Commitment to Our Co-Workers

Our co-workers are our teammates; we are linked to one another by a common purpose, serving our patients and our community.


Mather Hospital employees commit to open, honest and timely communication, and to deliver our messages with courtesy, clarity and care.


Mather Hospital employees and volunteers are committed to providing an environment which encourages the talents of individuals and recognizes the uniqueness of each individual with respect to race, gender, age, cultural background, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion and/or any other types of diversity.


Great leadership exhibits unquestionable integrity, honorable character and selfless service which will inspire others to follow confidently.  Great leadership knows their greatest asset is their people.


A quiet environment promotes healing, increases patient satisfaction, improves safety and reduces stress for patients, families and staff.  It is the responsibility of all MatherHospital employees to reduce or eliminate all unnecessary environmental and personal noise.


It is every Mather Hospital employee’s responsibility to ensure that all patients are cared for in a clean, safe, healthy environment.