A new standard of gynecologic care

Robotic-assisted, minimally invasive techniques are the gold standard for many gynecologic surgeries.

Our gynecology team are experts at minimally invasive surgical procedures, including hysteroscopy, advanced robotic surgery, and laparoscopic surgery.

With robotic-assisted surgery, your surgeon can see a high-definition 3D view inside your body and control delicate instruments that move in several different directions, beyond human dexterity. The robot is completely under your surgeon’s control throughout the procedure.

Before robotic technology transformed the operating room, many patients were not candidates for a laparascopic approach for various reasons including prior surgical history. With the addition of robotic technology, our surgeons offer minimally invasive options to the majority of our patients.

This benefit is significant for women who are diagnosed with gynecological cancers. Studies show that women who receive robotic-assisted surgery for a gynecological cancer and leave the hospital after a shorter period of time, have fewer complications and improved outcomes.

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