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Mather Hospital Offers Free Online Mental Health Screenings to Deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder

November 12, 2012

With the approaching holiday season, colder temperatures and shorter days, some people may experience bouts of sadness or depression. This can be due to Seasonal Affective Disorder, commonly known as SAD. 

SAD is a depression that occurs each year at the same time, usually starting in fall or winter and ending in spring or early summer. This mood disorder is often attributed to the lack of light during the colder months of the year. Between 10 and 20 percent of the U.S. population may suffer from mild symptoms associated with the disorder. Three-quarters of those are women.

Symptoms of SAD can include:

  • Excessive sleeping or feelings of extreme fatigue;
  • Overeating and weight gain during the fall or winter;
  • Inability to maintain regular lifestyle schedule;
  • Depression (feelings of sadness, loss of feelings, apathy) and irritability;
  • Lack of interest in social interactions, losing interest in activities of enjoyment;

SAD is a diagnosable disorder that may require treatment. John T. Mather Memorial Hospital invites you to take advantage of free, anonymous online mental health self-assessments. If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, please visit to complete a simple online questionnaire. You will receive immediate, customized feedback as well as information on referrals in order to schedule an appointment for further evaluation if necessary.

John T. Mather Memorial Hospital is an accredited 248-bed, non-profit community hospital dedicated to providing a wide spectrum of high quality healthcare services to Suffolk County residents, showing compassion and respect and treating each patient in the manner we would wish for our loved ones.