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Lymphedema Program
  -Complete Decongestive


Lymphedema Treatment Center

The Lymphedema Treatment Center at Mather is one of the largest hospital-based programs in the northeast to help patients manage the chronic condition that involves the swelling of soft tissue. The Center uses a specially designed program called Complete Decongestive Therapy or (CDT), a non-invasive treatment program consisting of four parts that allows patients to manage lymphedema.

Mather’s Lymphedema Treatment Center also offers the only Lymphedema support group in Suffolk County. In addition, community lymphedema screenings are held throughout the year, and the center offers an early detection program for patients at the Fortunato Breast Health Center at Mather.

Lymphedema is a swelling of the body’s soft tissue, usually in an extremity, caused by an accumulation of proteins, cells and water. Usually, these proteins, along with excess cells and water, are carried away by our circulatory or lymph systems. Lymphedema occurs when these systems are damaged. Although, lymphedema is a chronic condition, it can be managed with proper care and treatment.

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