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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Unit

Mather Hospital’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Unit treats a wide range of conditions that respond to intense oxygenation, saving sight, limbs and lives. The Mather unit, the first of its kind on Long Island, is also the only one in Suffolk County available for emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patients receive treatment in comfortable, pressurized chambers that deliver 100 percent oxygen.

Staffed by critical care nurses, the unit has six physicians representing family practice, internal medicine, emergency medicine, pulmonology and cardiology. Three physicians are board certified in hyperbaric medicine, a distinction held by only 300 physicians nationwide.

Long called upon to treat divers with decompression sickness, or “the bends,” hyperbaric oxygen therapy is now used to treat a variety of medical conditions including carbon monoxide poisoning; non-healing wounds, especially in diabetics; and soft tissue injury or infection due to radiation treatments (including radiation cystitis, radiation colitis and other affected radiation areas). Hyperbaric oxygen therapy also helps to preserve skin grafts and flaps, and most recently has been shown to be effective treating patients with sudden blindness due to retinal artery occlusion.

As the increased oxygen saturates the red blood cells as well as blood plasma, it circulates throughout the body, reaching hypoxic (deprived of oxygen) tissue that the body was previously unable to recognize as in need of healing. Increased oxygen levels also stimulate the body to release the growth factors and stem cells that promote the healing of chronic wounds. The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Unit works with Mather's Wound Treatment Center, which has locations in Port Jefferson and Melville.

Hyperbaric therapy is covered by most insurance companies.

For more information, please call 631-476-2768.