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The Fortunato Breast Health Center

The Fortunato Breast Health Center at Mather Hospital provides state-of-the-art breast healthcare and a sense of comfort, privacy and assurance that individual needs will be met. The Center has earned three-year, full accreditation designation by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), which is given only to centers that have voluntarily committed to providing the highest level of quality breast care and undergo a rigorous review of their performance.

Our trained healthcare professionals offer regular mammograms, and we offer expert follow-up care, education for patients, families and the community, and breast cancer support groups.

The Breast Health Center’s patient navigation policy ensures that every patient receives personal guidance from the staff on scheduling appointments for tests or follow-up procedures, obtaining prescriptions, dealing with insurance questions and any other help they may need.

Why should you have a mammogram?

Fortunato Breast Health Center DoctorsThe American Cancer Society reports that the chance of a woman having invasive breast cancer sometime during her life is about 1 in 8. While the vast majority of breast abnormalities are benign, they can cause great anxiety for a woman and her family. Since there is still no sure way to prevent breast cancer, increased awareness, education and early detection are critical components of breast healthcare.
The Fortunato Breast Health Center recommends that women follow the American Cancer Society‘s guidelines for early detection of breast cancer:

  • First mammography by age 40; yearly mammograms after age 40.
  • Clinical Breast Exam at least every three years beginning at age 20; annually after age 40.
  • Monthly Breast Self Examination.

A mammogram can reveal a tumor as much as two years before you or your healthcare professional can feel it. However, because no single test is 100 percent accurate, the Clinical Breast Exam and Breast Self Examination are also vital parts of the complete breast care program.

To make an appointment, call 631-476-2771, Ext. 1