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About Your Bill

Below is an example of a John T. Mather Memorial Hospital bill.  Click on the red numbers (for example, #7, “Account Number”) and a brief description of that section will appear.  If you have received one of these bills and have questions about it, you can call 631-476-2708 during office hours (Monday-Friday, 8 am – 4 pm).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay my balance off in a payment plan?
Some patients are unable to pay balances in full and need extended time to pay for services. John T. Mather Memorial Hospital offers short-term financing options to assist in these situations. All patients qualify by agreeing to accept the terms of the John T. Mather Memorial Hospital payment program.

Please contact the 631-476-2801 option #7 (Credit/Collection Department) to establish a payment arrangement. Note: Sending a partial payment does not establish a formal payment plan.

John T. Mather Memorial Hospital Credit & Collection Practices
Insurance claims are submitted within days of service to Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial, Managed Care, Liability and other carriers.

Patients who have the ability to pay are expected to pay any known co-pays, deductibles and non-covered amounts when services are received. All requests for payments are based upon estimated amounts and are not considered final billing totals. A statement of any remaining balance will be sent once your insurance company has processed your claim. The balance is due and payable upon receipt of your statement. Insurance claims are submitted as a courtesy service and do not relieve patients of financial obligations.

If a patient’s account(s) become past due, John T. Mather Memorial Hospital may pursue outside collection activity, including legal action, if necessary.

What is the difference between a Hospital bill and a Doctor bill?
Many diagnostic tests and procedures performed at John T. Mather Memorial Hospital consist of two parts:

  • Technical (Hospital Services)
  • Professional (Physician Services)

You will receive separate bills for Technical and Professional service rendered at John T. Mather Memorial Hospital. Please contact the Business Office at (631) 476-2801 for all Technical/Hospital billing questions and (631) 686-7689 for all Professional/Physician billing questions.

The following hospital-based physician specialists bill independently from John T. Mather Memorial Hospital and may or may not participate in the same insurance plans as the Hospital:

  • Radiologists-Radiology Consultants of Long Island- (631) 232-4000
  • Anesthesiologists-Long Island Anesthesia - (631) 744-3671
  • Pathologists-LI Pathology Consultants - (866) 434-9547

If you have any questions regarding the insurance participation of the above groups or their bills, please contact them directly at the numbers listed above.

Has my secondary insurance been filed?
Upon receipt of the primary insurance payment or denial, secondary claims are processed. Typically, the secondary claim is submitted with the primary insurance explanation of benefits, payment or coverage within days of notification.

Has my insurance company paid the claim and, if so, how much?
Once your insurance company has processed your claim, they will send you an explanation of benefits. The explanation will provide payment amounts, adjustment amounts and any denials associated with your benefit plan.

What is a deductible?
It is a predetermined amount of money that a person commits to pay before the Insurance Company is responsible for any benefit payments.

What is the difference between coinsurance and co-payment?
A co-payment is a required payment by the insured to pay a set or fixed dollar amount (i.e. $35, $50, etc.) each time a particular medical service is provided.

Co-Insurance is the portion of medical costs that are shared by both the insured (the patient) and the insurer.

What is the New York State Surcharge?
Please be aware that our facility is required by the federal government to add an 9.63% surcharge to all inpatient and outpatient hospital bills.

Accounts exempt from the NYS Surcharge: Medicare, Medicaid, Federal Employees and outpatient lab fees.

Does John T. Mather Memorial Hospital accept my insurance?
Please contact your insurance carrier to confirm if our facility participates with your insurance company. Most insurance companies provide their contact information on the back-side of the patient’s insurance card.

What if I forgot my insurance card when I came to Emergency Room?
The Emergency Room will provide you with a “No Insurance Card” form that will need to be completed and returned to the Business Office within 48 hours of your visit. If for any reason you lose this form please contact (631) 473-1320 Extensions: 4342 or 4243.

What if I receive a denial due to a Coordination of Benefits?
If an insurance carrier denies your claims due to a COB (Coordination of Benefits) please contact your insurance carrier immediately. If your insurance carrier sent information to your home requesting additional information necessary for them to process and pay your claim please contact them in order to avoid total financial responsibility for your unpaid claim.

Where can I get a Student Status Forms?
If your insurance carrier requires a Student Status Form for your son/daughter who is a full time student at a college/university please contact the college/university Bursar’s Office to request a Student Status Form. The Student Status Form must be completed by the college/university your son/daughter is attending. The completed form must have a raised university seal on it. After you obtain the completed form with a raised seal please forward it to your insurance carrier.

What is a Financial Counselor?
A Financial Counselor is a member of Mather Hospitals’ Patient Admitting Services team who is dedicated to assisting patients in identifying and/or determining healthcare coverage or sources of reimbursement that may be available to them, whether from commercial insurance or government programs.

As a not for profit healthcare provider, it is imperative for both patient and hospital, that any and all means of reimbursement for hospital services are identified.  Our financial counselors work closely with patients as early in the admitting process as possible to ensure that the necessary documentation, research, and approval can be completed before services are provided.

Financial Counselor
Hours: 8am-midnight 7 days a week
(631) 473-1320 Extension 4310
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