food for calendarCookies and doughnuts, latkes and gingerbread–the list of holiday treats is long and the opportunities to indulge seem just as numerous. Unfortunately, too much indulgence can make us tired, cranky and not quite ready to fit into our holiday best.

“This time of year is wonderful because we spend so much more time with family and friends,” said Nicole Drepaniotis, MS, RD, of the Medical Weight Management Program at Mather Hospital. “If we make healthy food choices, plan ahead with meal prepping and continue to stay active, we can still focus on our health goals and not miss a minute of the fun.”

Drepaniotis and her colleagues put together  25 days of tips to help you stay healthy and happy this holiday season. Some of our favorites are:

  • Start eating off a smaller plate to encourage portion control.
  • Turn off the TV! Seeing food commercials can trigger unnecessary snacking.
  • Crank up the holiday music for a dance party with family and friends!
  • Stock up on disposable food storage containers so you’re ready to pack up leftovers and send them home with your guests.