2 South Oncology Patient Care Renovation

The extensive renovation of the 2 South Oncology and Medical/Surgical Unit  was completed in early 2020. This project, designed to provide an exceptional healing environment for our patients, was made possible in large part through the philanthropic support of the community.

This renovation provided for all single-bedded rooms on the oncology wing. Research has shown that single-bedded rooms result in improved patient outcomes and are preferred by most patients. Single-bedded rooms also provide patients more privacy, which is important to all patients but particularly those facing the challenges of a cancer diagnosis.

Single-bedded rooms also further reduces the risk of infection, a crucial factor for cancer patients whose immune systems are compromised. Each room has separate hand washing stations for physicians, nurses, and other caregivers.

There are new bedside computerized nurse charting stations with locked medication/supply cabinets in every patient room allowing the nurse to spend more time with each patient.

The addition of a family lounge offers space for small group gatherings; as well as a place for family members to rest while staying close to their loved ones. The renovation also included a new nurses’ station, serenity room for the staff and entrance, all designed to improve patient experience. View the new unit virtually here.

To further enhance the healing environment, more than 30 local artists from The Setauket Artists, LIMarts, and the North Shore Art Guild generously donated original works of art created  to add peaceful beauty to the unit.

For more information, please contact Nancy Uzo, Vice President of Public Affairs, at (631) 476-2723 or nuzo1@northwell.edu