Why flattening the curve is so important

We all keep hearing reports on the news as well as urging from physicians, nurses and other public officials for everyone to stay home and help “flatten the curve.” You may think, “I’m just one person. Me staying home isn’t going to make much of a difference.” However, when you think about how many people…

Fruits and vegetables

Nutrition to support your immune system

By Helaine Krasner, MS, RDN Now is a great time emphasize the crucial role nutrition plays in immune function. We may be overwhelmed by messages and advertising for products to boost our immune system, but our bodies are uniquely designed to fight foreign invaders without outside help. Having the right building blocks on board will…

woman wearing a mask

Coronavirus dos & don’ts

There are some very basic do’s and don’ts for preventing the spread of Coronavirus. Educate yourself and follow these guidelines to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy.

Avoid travel to reduce risk of COVID-19

Stay home and stay healthy

Staying home and abiding by the rules of social distancing may be making you a feel a little stir-crazy, but it’s all for the greater good. It’s extremely important to remember that by taking all necessary precautions and staying home, avoiding travel and crowded public places, you are not only protecting your own health, but…